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Welcome to Athena & Eros Photography Surrey

I specialise in photographing maternity, infants, children and families from my studio in Horsell, Surrey.

Are you looking for photographs that record the true essence of your children in timeless poses? Do you want images, which capture the love between you as a family?

I invest a lot of my time making sure I capture your child at their truest – using treasure baskets, fun noises, songs, and inventing stories about the session to captivate your child and ensure the most natural shots. It’s something all of my clients highlight in their reviews about my studio.

Child Portrait Photographer Woking, Surrey

“I capture those special moments of you and
your children, that you can treasure forever”
-Shelley Dart / Owner

What makes my studio different?

Your portraits are completely tailored to you from the moment we first speak.

I provide you with consultations throughout. From the outset- understanding you and what you like and finding out about how i can make your session magical.

Your session will be unique to you. Like an artist – I design your session, colours and set design. You receive mood and colour boards, and artisan items are ordered specifically for your session. On the day itself you are treated like royalty with the finest beverages and pastries to keep everyone refreshed.

Following the session, you will be invited to return for a viewing day, and can also see and feel the best of handmade Artisan print and framed products to choose from.

Arrange a call and hear more details about your tailored session.Mother and Child Photography Woking, Surrey

Mother & Child Sessions

Time passes so quickly when you are busy with the needs of your children and it’s so easy to forget to capture the moments that matter, and record with photographs the features and character of your child as they grow. Its so often the case that mother’s do not have the chance to exist in front of the camera – always being the one taking the picture rather than being featured in it.

Worries about not looking your best, not wearing the right clothes or having make up on can mean you only become a ghost in the visual record you leave behind for your children once you are gone.

I am passionate about ensuring that no mother is invisible in their child’s visual record and I have a personal project to try to photograph as many families in the image gallery together with their children as i can. Join the revolution and make sure that you exist in photographs for your child to treasure when you have gone.

For every child out there; as their mother, you are BEAUTIFUL to them. You are THEIR WORLD, and they will want to have photographs of you and them, to look back at when they are grown.

You deserve to feel beautiful and to exist in photographs together with your children. Leave your children a legacy in photos.