1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family


    highlands of scoltand sceneryI was born in the Highlands of Scotland and moved to Surrey after my Master’s Degree. I am married and have two fantastic boys (3 1/2 and 6 yrs old) who are the centre of my universe. They help me to see the importance of always being a little child at heart and stopping to have fun as much as possible in life.





    1. What is your business – what do you do and what made you decide to set up?

    I am a children’s and family portrait photographer based from my studio in Horsell, Woking.


    I have always been photographing at every opportunity and dreamed of retiring into photography for a job once I had finished my Corporate career. After my second child was born I was diagnosed with a life long illness and my world disappeared as I had known it.  I took it as a sign to stop waiting to do what I dreamed of – and to just jump in with both feet! I trained for 4 months and opened my business as a photographer in March 2016



    1. How do you balance running your business with taking care of yourself and your family?


    As a photographer of children and families I see so many new mums and parents going through the difficult juggle of home and work life balance.


    I am lucky to work for myself and one of the biggest factors was that I wanted to be able to divide myself between spending time with my children whilst being able to develop myself, keep my sense of self value and purpose by choosing to stay in work at the same time.


    I dedicate all my weekends to time with my husband and boys, we go on trips and days out and always include a big family meal together –  just us.


    Two days a week are solely dedicated to having fun with my youngest son and my eldest comes home at 3pm when we always have something planned so that we can make the most of the time together sharing experiences and making memories. I do also take them into the studio and take tons of photo snaps on my phone for daddy to see too.

     children running in venitian building.jpg


    1. What are your top tips for maintaining a healthy #MumLifeBalance?

    1) work and family are such a big part of our lives – don’t forget to take time to stop and spend on only yourself – paint your nails, watch sitcoms for an hour, go for a long coffee with a book

    2) schedule time every month for a date night with your partner – its an amazing way to recapture the early days and build new shared experiences together without the distraction of your children




    If you had an extra hour every week what would you do?


    I would meet up with friends more often and enjoy a coffee for some well deserved social time


    1. If you could pick any other mum, celebrity or otherwise, to have a drink with, who would it be and why?

    Nicole Trunfio. A very empowering person. Nicole was photographed breastfeeding her son for the cover of Elle Magazine. Her strength in being able to cast off the social idea that breastfeeding should be covered up is awesome. It also raised great focus on the normalisation of breastfeeding in social media and dispelling old fashioned views.


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