Athena & Eros Photography in Collaboration with the NCT Woking


    Happy Summer!

    I always have a lot of fun photographing babies at the Woking NCT Mini Session. This month was one filled with so many giggles!

    The absolute heart melting moments of your baby’s growth; from fragile newborn, to crawling, munching and talking miniature person are most definitely the moments in time that we all want to write indelibly into our memories. The beauty of creating a little life, and the tiny expressions, smiles, each silly crazy thing they do, are so very much part of what makes our babies so special.

    Having two children myself, I understand the importance of capturing the fleeting first 12 months of our baby’s life to share with our families near and far. Which is just one of the reasons I put so much care and thought into creating a unique and timeless summer colour set for your Summer Minis… and from the playing, laughter and songs (lots and lots of songs!) it was clearly enjoyed by everyone.

    I am excited to share your galleries with you; please enter by clicking your child’s image. Each gallery is password protected to keep your images private.

    love from Athena & Eros Photography!





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    July 16, 2018